ITV Program, Exposure - When Pregnant Women Drink at 9pm on 3rd March 2015

Advance Notice. Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder on Tuesday 3rd March ITV 9pm.

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The hard hitting documentary will showcase issues surrounding Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and hear from Health Experts who have told ITV’s Exposure why the Government must change it’s advice to women drinking during pregnancy. With over 100 babies being born to Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder every year in Britain, health experts say that this is the […]

Adoption Support Fund to benefit over 3,000 families who have adopted a child

Adoption Support Fund to benefit 3,000 families who’ve adopted

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The government’s £19.3m Adoption Support Fund, will benefit more than 3,000 families that have adopted a child, latest figures suggest. A recent article published in the Children & Young People Now magazine stated that The Department for Education has revealed that in the 10 areas piloting the fund – which pays for specialist therapeutic services to […]

Families for Children - The neuroscience of adoption and fostering training symposium with Margot Sunderland on 15th May 2015 at Dartington Hall.

The Neuroscience of Fostering and Adoption training event 15th May 2015, with Margot Sunderland at Dartington Hall.

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Families for Children Adoption are delighted to be hosting a training symposium with Dr Margot Sunderland on Friday 15 May 2015 at Dartington Hall, Dartington, Devon on The Neuroscience of Fostering and Adoption. Dr Margot Sunderland is the author of over twenty books in the field of child mental health including The Science of Parenting.   She […]

Adoption leave and pay changes for April 2015

Adoption leave and pay changes from April 5th 2015.

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To help fall more in line with maternity rights, the Government are making adoption leave and pay changes from April 5th 2015. Information gained from the ACAS website that qualifying employees are entitled to take up to 52 weeks adoption leave and may be able to take 39 weeks of statutory adoption pay. THE KEY […]