The perfect gift is Father’s Day.

Fathers day is the best

Becoming a new dad is the best feeling in the world. Nothing quite prepares you for it, but the rewards are incredibly worth it.

Getting to become a dad in the first place though, is not always easy for some. Many men feel that it’s a given that at some point in your life, that you’ll become a dad. Well, why wouldn’t they? They have blood running through their veins and everything downstairs appears to be working ok. Unfortunately though, for reasons such as infertility with you or your partner, sexual orientation, or you live on your own, becoming a father is anything but simple. However, none of those things preclude you from becoming a dad.

Adoption for some is the last resort to becoming a dad, but for some it is the first. Either way, the end result is the best feeling in the world.

For me, being a dad on Father’s Day or any other day, is simply special. Having adopted a little girl just over 3 years ago, I often have to pinch myself at how lucky I am to have my daughter in my life. Age isn’t an issue either (I’m 42). If anything, having my daughter around has made me feel younger, has made me do more, take more responsibility and I love being able to act like a four year old every single day.

The biggest reward though, is nurturing and watching your little one grow up, learn new skills, experience new things. Ok, you may have days when your child is throwing a tantrum, not doing as their told or just being stubborn (probably gets that off her mother), but the good times far out way the bad.

I have cuddles with my daughter every day which helps to build and reinforce the bond that we have. But being a dad is about spending time with your child. The more time you spend with them, the greater the rewards are for both of you.

I always wondered if I could ever love an adoptive child in the same way as if the child were my natural birth child, and the answer is a resounding yes. It is no different. Which is why I never feel like an adoptive dad, I just feel like any other dad. The bond that you build, the love that you have and the overwhelming sense of protectiveness that you feel for your child is instinctive and magical.

So, if you were ever having any doubts about going through the adoption process, take it from a man that knows, becoming a dad is the best job in the world – for you and your child.

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