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Clare Grogan talks about adopting

Actress Clare Grogan talks about adopting

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In a recent article published by the Express Newspaper, actress Clare Grogan talks about what it’s like to adopt and admits that it is a lot tougher than she had expected. The article, by Simon Button tells Clare’s story beautifully and highlights the emotional roller coaster of adopting a child. CLARE’S STORY… AFTER miscarriages and IVF […]

Adopted disabled twins

Michael and Paul adopt disabled twin boys.

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Did you know that almost half of children waiting for a family placement have an impairment or some form of special need? Some people have a fear of disability, but not Michael Atwal-Brice and his partner, Paul. When they adopted identical two year old, disabled twin boys, Levi and Lucas, they were over the moon. Like parents everywhere, […]

Nic and Joys story of adopting 3 disabled children

Joy and Nic tell their story of adopting 3 disabled children to add to their existing biological family.

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Adopting a child with disabilities is a big commitment for anyone, but for Cornish couple Joy and Nic Constable the decision to take on three children with additional needs was a simple one. The couple already had a biological son called Samuel, but started thinking about adding to their family.  However, instead of adding to their […]

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Could you adopt a child
 with a disability?

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Did you know that approximately 40 percent of children waiting for an adoptive family have impairment or some form of special need or disability. If you think about a child with a disability, what comes to mind? Is it a picture of difficulties and obstacles? Do you imagine that you will not be able to […]

Fathers day is the best

The perfect gift is Father’s Day.

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Becoming a new dad is the best feeling in the world. Nothing quite prepares you for it, but the rewards are incredibly worth it. Getting to become a dad in the first place though, is not always easy for some. Many men feel that it’s a given that at some point in your life, that […]

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Single man becomes a ‘Forever’ dad.

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Although it is 3½ years ago, I remember the day my new ‘forever’ son (I’ll call him Alex although it’s not his real name) called me Dad for the first time, as if it were yesterday.  It was only the second time we had met as part of the introductions and we were playing with […]